Who we are


EnjoyBA is mainly dedicated to the housing of foreign students who come to learn about our city, our culture and improve their Spanish.
We have 15 years of experience in hosting young people from around the world, mostly from the Unites States but also from France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, México and many other countries.

Some US universities we have been working with are New York University, Emory University, University of Richmond, DePaul University, SUNY, University of Washington (Seattle), University of Arizona, among others and we have hosted foreign students from UCA, UBA, UTDT, Universidad de Palermo, UdeSA and from Universidad de Belgrano, among other local universities.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay at our beloved city and if you have some time visit our country to see some of it's wonderful places.

Our best wishes,
EnjoyBA team