Kevin Ding - StudentEmory University

Looking back at my 6-week stay in Buenos Aires, I must admit that one of the most memorable aspects of the trip was my housing through EnjoyBA. Although it was a little rough trying to communicate with a host-mother who spoke little to no English, the challenge quickly became a blessing. My Spanish began to improve exponentially, and I was able to learn so much about Argentine culture through our nightly conversations over delicious home-cooked dinner. In addition, the EnjoyBA staff was super accessible—Ignacio assured me that I could phone him with any problems at any hour of the day. They went above and beyond their job description, whether it was inviting me over to watch the World Cup semi-finals or giving very helpful advice on travelling the different provinces of Argentina. At last when it was time to leave BA, my host-mother gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Sos un porteño," three words that assured me that my stay in BA was a trip of a lifetime, and that I couldn't have made a better choice than EnjoyBA.​

Samiha Karim - StudentEmory University

Arriving to Buenos Aires, I was nervous about living with a homestay family especially since my Spanish was lacking. However, EnjoyBA helped me match with a wonderful host family and made my transition into a different country much easier. Living in a homestay was one of the best and most beneficial experiences of my trip as I was able to better my Spanish-speaking abilities. EnjoyBA itself was very friendly and helped me with any trouble I had even if it was unrelated to my homestay. They became like family throughout my trip, as they were always available for exploring the city and helping me become a true Argentine. Choosing EnjoyBA was one of the best decisions I have made, and I would definitely recommend this friendly company to make your trip to Buenos Aires a memorable one.

Sarahmarie Specht-Bird - StudentEmory University

Like any sensible traveler, I was a little worried about my living arrangements for my six-week trip to Buenos Aires, but once I got there I knew I was in good hands. Enjoy BA was the perfect company to choose for my time in Argentina. It’s a family business and the owners were hospitable and readily available for anything I needed. My host family was so welcoming that sometimes I even forgot that I wasn’t actually Argentine! Everything was so organized and comfortable. Additionally, our excursions like those to El Tigre and Isla Martín García were smoothly run and very enjoyable. I highly recommend the great folks at EnjoyBA to anyone spending time in Buenos Aires. From the ride from the airport to my homestay to my last night of the program, they were with me every step of the way to make sure I felt like a true porteña.

Emily Morse - StudentUniversity of Richmond

EnjoyBA was everything I expected from a housing company and more. They not only connected me with an amazing Argentinian family, but they made sure I was comfortable and that I stayed busy. Whether it was a coffee date, dinner with their family, a day trip to El Tigre, or just walking around the city, the EnjoyBA crew easily planned some of the best activities I did. It was a hard semester for me personally, but the EnjoyBA staff made sure to check in with me a lot and make me feel like I wasn't alone. If you're going for a semester in Buenos Aires, definitely work with EnjoyBA - you can't go wrong!

Shiksha Mahtani - StudentUniversity of Richmond

"Choosing EnjoyBA was one of the best decisions I ever made in my 6 months studying abroad in Buenos Aires. Coming to a huge city, all by myself, I have never felt so lonely before in my life. Enjoy BA was very welcoming and warm when I came to BA. They made me feel comfortable almost immediately. Being known to ask too many questions, I had no one to ask but Enjoy BA, and they took the time, patience, and energy to explain everything to me. They never made me feel like I was being a burden. They literally walked the blocks around my apartment and showed me where everything I needed was. They helped me buy the first few things to get me started. They helped me get a cell phone working immediately. They were simply amazing. Throughout my 6 months in Argentina, whenever I had a question about anything, I would immediately text EnjoyBA and I would get an immediate and detailed response. They were the family that I didn’t have in Argentina. They go over and beyond one’s expectations and take the word “hospitality” to a whole new level. I HIGHLY recommend you choose EnjoyBA. Nowhere else will you find such a nice and welcoming group of people willing to help you transition into their country so quickly. I was able to explore Argentina because I knew there was someone close by looking out for me. I owe my amazing experience and my love for Argentina to EnjoyBA."

John Han - StudentEmory University

"EnjoyBA really helped me get settled in the land that I have never set my foot before. Coming to South American continent for the first time in my life, I was excited but scared at the same time. However, even before I left my hometown for Argentina, Enjoy BA offered a ride for me from the airport to my accommodation. My parents were actually worried about my arrival but after this friendly e-mail from Enjoy BA, my parents were relieved and I no longer feared the new world. The accommodations that they provide to the students are all beyond what you would expect from the most of South American countries. The families are all open to any background you might be from and they are all willing to provide you with the most comfortable housing as possible. They are not business-oriented which really benefits us, students, to share cultures with true Argentineans. To make things short, you will not feel alone in the strange country with EnjoyBA and EnjoyBA will transform you into real Porteño upon your departure!"

Katie Sutcliffe - StudentUniversity of Cambridge

"My experience with EnjoyBA was extremely positive. Right from the start, the team at EnjoyBA were helpful; searching for a host family that would best suit me as a person which enabled me to feel more comfortable once I arrived in Buenos Aires and also to improve my language skills. Living for a year in a foreign country is a unique opportunity but can at times be challenging, especially at the beginning, yet throughout my stay in Argentina , EnjoyBA were always on hand to support me and offer any practical advice I needed. It was very useful to have help and information from ‘insiders’ which made my Argentine experience a better one. I cannot thank EnjoyBA enough for their guidance and friendship"

Caitlin Pearce - StudentJohns Hopkins University

"I spent two months this past summer living in Buenos Aires. Through EnjoyBA I was able to rent a beautiful apartment in Recoleta, one of the loveliest neighborhoods in the city. The apartment was brand new and beautifully furnished, including internet, television, and a kitchen with anything you could possibly need to cook with. However, the best part of EnjoyBA is that it is a family business, run by a couple born and raised in Buenos Aires, who know the city very well and are very well-organized and reliable. Moreover, they were very kind in helping me with all of the details of my trip, from securing a cell phone to figuring out where to buy groceries, and even helping me out when I got sick and had to go to the hospital briefly. As a woman traveling alone, I felt much more secure knowing that I had such contacts in the city."